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Value Proposition

" At WIT we don’t just focus on the technical skills of our resources, we know that attitude counts even more. During our induction process the Winning Attitude is emphasised and culture fit is non negotiable. "

WIT will offer seamless IT resourcing, in simple terms “IT Human Resources Management Without Fuss”. We focus on filling the IT resource gaps for you and the client focusses on running the business. WIT will handle the screening recruitment, management, etc on your behalf. Our approach is first and foremost to understand client requirements fully. We will allocate a team of knowledgeable diverse consultants to engage with you and provide inputs to your resourcing challenges and requirements. The team will draft a solution roadmap in collaboration with the client and come up with the best resourcing model that will suit the needs.

The value proposition will comprise the following components:


a. Quality Highly Skilled Resources (Pre-screening and Technical Assessments)


  1. WIT will maintain database of skilled resources, aggressive search will be done.

  2. Resources will be Pre-Screened.

  3. Technical Assessments will be conducted to ensure alignment with best practices and tools

  4. Grooming and Etiquette induction



b. Streamlined process to fulfil your requirements

Our Process is simple, agile and provides quick turnaround time

  1. Face to face discussion with experienced consultants on requirements

  2. We match the requirements to client needs

  3. We provide a few options for the requirements

  4. Conclude and Place

  5. Continuous 2-way feedback and support


c. Customer Relationship Management (Service Oriented)


  1. Each client requirement will be treated as if it is the only one we have. A customer relationship manager is appointed to manage the requirements, and the relationship going forward.

  2. Allocated Account Manager to manage the end to end process with the customer

  3. Maintain a close relationship with the client

  4. Feedback and action on feedback

  5. Continuous support


d. Back up Resources (Under SLA)

WIT will agree an SLA with the client to provide backup/contingency resources if there are unforeseen circumstances with the allocated resources at the same rate.


e. Transparent billing model and lower costs


Our billing is hassle free, easy to understand

No need to spend hours reconciling the account

Time and material basis (managed through timesheets)

Saving you time and costs

Value Added Services

(no Fuss for the client)

  • Background checks including Credit checks

  • Performance Management

  • Provision of relevent industry research on skills trends and material for upskilling purposes

  • Grooming and Etiquette induction

  • Health and wealth management for the resources

  • Compliance to Labour Laws

  • Superior personalised service, including post contract after sale service

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