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To be a warrior is to learn to be genuine in every moment of your life. The true warrior understands and seizes the moment by giving an effort so intense and so intuitive that it could only be called one from the heart. 

We subscribe to the Blue Ocean Strategy…the philosophy being high quality service / products and cost leadership strategy finding each other.


Our business thrives in the provision of innovative business solutions in areas of workforce management solutions, productivity improvement, community development / transformation, decision coaching and leadership development through the following strategic initiatives:

“You don't build a business. You build people. And then people build the business.”

The costs associated with hiring the wrong executives are very high.  When we work on executive search assignments, we ensure that we provide a long and exhaustive list of suitable candidates to consider for appointment.  This ensures that we significantly reduce the risk of hiring the wrong candidate.  Our processes and research ensure that all suitable candidates both in and out of the market are contacted and enticed to apply for the position. We therefore match strategically and intentionally thereby reducing the costs of wrong hires. 


As Warrior Talent, we are subject matter experts on Executive Search and we do a thorough and exhaustive job of research on all executive search assignments.  We take less time when we head hunt executives than you would take if you were to recruit directly on your own.  This frees up critical management time for your executives to focus on the strategic imperatives.  We understand that time is money and we save time for you. 

We have a proud record of assisting organisations with their executive search processes both in the SOE space and private sector companies.  This is testament to the high-level judgement we exercise in searching for executives and the experience we have gained over the years.  Our judgement and considered opinions are trusted by clients and we have done high level presentations to the Board of Directors, where our processes are interrogated and put to the test. This ensures that aspects of culture add and ability to deliver on the strategic aspects of the role are achieved thereby giving a high return on investment.
We are a team of highly experienced professionals with strong knowledge in corporate and executive search. Our team boasts members with top qualifications in Strategy, Accounting, HR etc. Our understanding of business is phenomenal. This reduces the risk of wrong hires as we have good corporate experience, strong networks in the market place and a track record of placing executives.  There is no executive in the market place we can not reach. 

Our competitive pricing on executive search of 25% before VAT, which includes all employment checks (credit, criminal, qualifications, ID, SA citizen checks and reference checks), Psychometric Assessments for 3 candidates and Leadership Transitional Coaching on executive positions.  Our competitors in the market place would charge  33% before VAT for executive search only, excluding Psychometric Assessments. They also charge travel and other costs elements separately, which we do not do.

We have highly experienced business leaders that we use in our Leadership Transitional Coaching program to assist newly appointed executives hit the ground running.  Our experienced business leaders assist our candidates to Strategically Lead and produce Impactful Results. Our Leadership Transitional Coaching techniques improve the candidates’ decisiveness, the quality of the business decisions they make, their ability to collaborate, adapt and prioritise.  This in turn has an immediate bearing on the top line and bottom line.
Instead of posting adverts in expensive print media, for example, national news papers or online portals that do not produce desired results, Warrior Talent will give you the desired results through headhunting at reduced prices. Furthermore, Warrior Talent can advertise on our current search portals at reduced or at no additional cost. We have preferential advertising rates due to the nature of our relationship with most advertising service providers.
Managing supplier-related risk and ensuring compliance: A small-rand award can become a multimillion-rand lawsuit if the right contractual language and the right process isn’t in place. Warrior Talent manages risks associated with candidate hiring process on your behalf, we negotiate with candidates on your behalf thereby reducing risks of relationship breakdown in the process.
Proposed Value Add

At Warrior Talent, we value significantly Client Relationship Management techniques that add value to our clients and assist them achieve their business objectives. 


Examples include:

  • Collaborative interviews at no cost

  • We develop interview questionnaires for our clients at no cost

  • We perform Integrity and Credential Employment Checks at no cost

  • We assist clients with Psychometric Assessments at competitive pricing

  • We provide critical industry based information on remuneration

  • We provide well researched information/advice on talent/skills trends and availability of certain skills

  • We have facilities available for client interviews at no costs




Our Database has over 100 000 Skilled professionals including Persons With Disabilities across various diverse disciplines


We have over 100 years combined experience in recruitment as an organisation

Relationship with media:

Warrior Talent has advertised a lot of Executive level positions, this has helped build our database and market the company

Global Reach:

We have done recruitment across SA (all provinces) and in Africa, including attracting talent from Europe, America etc.

Dealing with Boards:

We have dealt with a lot of Boards recruiting Executive level roles, including recruiting for Non Executive Director (NED)  roles

Network at Executive Level:

We have filled a lot of NED and Executive level roles in private sector and SOEs


At Warrior Talent, it’s our practice to recommend to you the highest quality candidates, not the largest quantity.

We make sure you get the best of the best. We thrive on understanding the entire client business model and the technology aspect of the overall business, and the culture of the business.

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